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We supply many temporary fencing company orders with lightweight super tough banner sign mesh for fences and hoardings.

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Mesh Banners

Builders and developers, event and sporting, construction site and land release, stadium and major projects, freeway and road construction.

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All over Australia Mesh Texture Dura Fence Mesh

Temporary Fence Banner Mesh Signs




Builders Mesh


Image Builders mesh used for screens and dust control

Vinyl mesh can also be used.

Vinyl sign on fence hiding building works


Advertising towards viewers on a project or an event screen whilts being constructed or controlling crowd control movements is very clever and opens opportunities for sponsors and event companies to promote their logos and services. This is very cheap to buy. Anybody can install using wire with clippers or plastic cable ties or similar. The fine weave allows you to attach at any point.


Temporary fence whilst setting up a concert.


Developers buy mesh banners to advertise the development before and during construction. Each mesh fence banner sign can be fitted and moved as development progresses.


Canberra Mesh Banners


Construction Sites


Large fence


Also color fence screens


Printed fence screening


Signs with metal rings (eyelets)




Construction of major works with hoardings




Corners and high profile locations benefit from advertising on banners. The hoarding wall promotes the builder while construction continues.


Public awareness advertising banner signs on a fence




Major Events - fencing tenders and suppliers


Mesh Signs


Mesh Signs










DURA A process from inks to material to printing...

Our team are reducing environmental impact and increasing our social responsibility through applying Dura initiatives.


Why Fabric Mesh as a construction hoarding or temporary fence screen?

  • The Fabric is re-usable and bio-degradable.
  • Cost is lower and affords customers hundreds of additional metres of fencing screen.
  • Can be sewn to form large heights.
  • The Fabric is 1/3 the weight of vinyl banners of equal size.
  • NON Tear, the special weave design of Dura makes gives the material non tear status.



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